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pam fudge - author
Love & LiesLeast Said – Pamela Fudge

(Available in hardback and as an e-book September 2016)

Wendy and Jon Hammond were childless, but not through choice. Jon blamed Wendy’s (non-existent) weight problem rather than accept that the problem is actually his low sperm count. When Wendy jumps to the conclusion that Jon is having an affair with someone at work, she has a one night stand with a rugby playing father-of-four, fully accepting that she might get pregnant. She does, but whether the rugby player or Jon is the father is not known. She never told Jon about the one night stand and he accepted without question that he was the father of the child – a boy, William, now aged 6. Life has been good and her secret remains safe, but all that is about to change, starting the day Wendy comes face to face with the guy she had the affair with and he asks, Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?’


Love & LiesNot My Affair – Pamela Fudge

(Available in hardback and as an e-book November 2015)

Just as Fay Ryan is about to break the news to her husband Jack that, at last they are about to become parents, he gives her a Christmas gift that is obviously intended for the mistress Fay knew nothing about – a mistress who is also Jack’s boss – but with the affair over Jack moves back home to take care of Fay. Odd things start happening. Complaints about Fay at work, a stolen item placed in her bag in a shop, dead flowers left on the doorstep, but it is only when Iona starts confronting Fay in person that they realise the woman has started a frightening campaign of harassment against Fay in her determination to win Jack back.



Love & Lies

Love & Lies – Pamela Fudge

(Available as a paperback and e-book – first published August 2014)

Alexander Mitchell; author, awkward, annoying. Having rejected every single girl the agency has sent him Dana decides that, rather than lose his business, she will try to be the no-frills super efficient secretary he's looking for. But the man that she originally thought of as 'mean and moody' is not quite as she expected, and despite his unpredictable moods she finds herself becoming very attracted him. He seems to return her feelings too - until he discovers that Dana isn't quite who she claims to be... 'Love & Lies' is the eleventh book from popular novelist Pamela Fudge.


It's In The Cards - Pamela Fudge

Ellen Carson was still heart whole and fancy-free at forty – and that was just the way she liked it. Growing up in a crowded family home had given her a yearning for the quiet life, and watching her older siblings make a mess of their relationships had left her grimly determined to remain single. Her family had other ideas and hopes were raised when they discovered that not one, but two men from Ellen’s past arrived in town. Surely one of them must be right for Ellen.

Just as she was coming round to the idea that her family might have been right about her changing her mind when she met ‘the one,’ they in turn confided in her that she was the one who had the right idea after all. Is Ellen to blame when relationships start to fail? And what is she going to do about it?


Not What it SeemsNot What It Seems - Pamela Fudge

To the outsider Evie, Owen and their five children seem like the perfect family, but their relationship has never been exactly what it seemed. Owen was a widower with two young children and Evie a divorcee with three when they got together – but in fact they have never been a couple. Setting up home together had seemed like a good idea and the ideal solution to their childcare problems. The arrangement worked perfectly for years but they and their children had always known the arrangement would come to an end and they would go their separate ways when the last child left home. However, it soon becomes apparent that breaking up is hard to do – even when your relationship is not what it seems.

Turn Back TimeTurn Back Time - Pamela Fudge

Once they were childhood sweethearts but, after an acrimonious divorce years before, the only contact Tessa Wallis had with her ex-husband, Chay, has been in relation to their daughter and her welfare.

Even this had all but ceased as Megan grew up, so Tessa is surprised to receive a message from Chay stating that he must speak to her. She agrees to meet him, assuming he has a concern regarding Megan, and is shocked when he tells her he believes they may still married.

It’s ridiculous, of course, and once the missing decree is found they can go back to living their separate lives and forget all about each other again but, apparently, it’s not going to be that simple.

Never be lonelyNever Be Lonely - Pamela Fudge

The father who disappeared from Francesca Dudley’s life when she was four years old is dead. Fran is shattered to discover that he had a whole new life in Canada – and family – and that her mother had been in touch with him all along.

Fran’s mother is taken ill before she can confront her, and her half-sister turns up in England wanting to be part of her life. As if things weren’t complicated enough, Fran’s ex-husband is determined to win her back by fair means - or foul.

The journey to the truth has been a long time coming, but a final trip to Canada clarifies a lot of things for Fran, not least that home is actually where her heart is.

A Change for the BetterA Change For The Better - Pamela Fudge

The years of caring for an alcoholic husband and a demanding mother are over. With her wayward son finally on the straight and narrow, Jo Farrell finds the peaceful existence that has always eluded her, but taking a long hard look at herself and her life Jo isn’t impressed with either. She longs to make changes but has no idea where to start, until she writes a list of all the things she had once planned to do before life got in the way.

Falling in love wasn’t even on the list but suddenly Jo is spoilt for choice. Her quiet life disappears almost overnight but, unfortunately, family problems have a habit of reappearing at the most inconvenient times.


Second BestSecond Best - Pamela Fudge

Stacey Trent has just about given up on love when a whirlwind romance with the charming Nick Cable persuades her otherwise. Believing they are to be married she turns her back on home, career and friends to be with him, only to discover the promise of a future together is nothing but a tissue of lies.

Stacey finds herself left to the mercy of his older brother, Lex, who is less than sympathetic having had his fill of clearing up the trail of ‘weeping females’ Nick regularly leaves behind. Circumstances force them together and there can be no denying the attraction growing between them, but will Stacey ever be able to convince Lex he is more than second best?

(Published by Hale July 2009)



A Blessing In DisguiseA Blessing In Disguise - Pamela Fudge

When Alex Siddons suddenly discovers she is pregnant after twenty-five years of a childless marriage, her comfortable life is turned upside down and her relationship with her husband, Phil, hangs in the balance.

A child at their time of life is the last thing either of them want or need and yet, despite pressure from Phil, Alex cannot bring herself to terminate the pregnancy, even if it is the only thing that will save her marriage.

Facing up to the prospect of life as a single mother, Alex finds unexpected support from within the Siddons’ family, after many years of feeling an outsider and through subsequent events she finally learns the true meaning of family and of love.

(Published by Hale June 2008)



High InfidelityHigh Infidelity - Pamela Fudge

When a brief affair in Tina Brown’s past resulted in an unplanned pregnancy, the decision was made not to share the news with Calum Stacey.

Tina brought up the child alone, keeping from the Leanne her father’s identity, having decided to provide her with the full facts when she is eighteen years old. With her birthday just months away, Leanne is rushed into hospital with suspected meningitis and Tina feels she has no choice but to contact Calum without delay.

Calum’s engagement to a well-known celebrity makes him newsworthy and, in the face of the mounting speculation surrounding this past involvement, animosity must be put aside as they work together to protect their daughter from the sudden media intrusion

(Published by Hale October 2007)



Widow on The WorldWidow On The World - Pamela Fudge

‘The fragrance of freshly ground coffee was all around us, and everything seemed just as it should be. That all wasn’t as it should be was becoming increasingly clear. I couldn’t believe the world, as I knew it, was about to fall apart round my ears for the second time in twelve short months. Could life really be that unfair?’

It seemed that it could.

Widowed at 45, Denise has come to the end of that first year alone and survived. She realises it’s time to get back out into the world and live her life. However, life and particularly her own family, it seems, might have other ideas as first her mother and then her daughter move into a house that is suddenly bursting at the seams.

A battle of wills ensues, but it is a battle that Denise is determined to win by fair means or foul, because only when she has sorted everyone else’s lives out can she finally get on with her own.

Romance doesn’t figure anywhere in her calculations, but Denise, of all people, should know that life doesn’t always go according to plan.

(Published by Transita April 2006)


Widow on The WorldJust Good Friends - Pamela Fudge

Available as a paperback and e-book 2021

Best friends since infant school Vicky and Matt had an ongoing joke that one day they would marry each other if no better offer came along for either of them. That’s all it ever was – a joke. Neither of them took it seriously until, at the age of thirty-eight, Vicky’s biological clock begins ticking far too loudly to be ignored. That’s when Matt reminds her of that long ago pledge and suggests she seriously considers it. So, from the dilemma of whether to give up on finding the love of her life to father her child and going it alone, she is now faced with the whole new dilemma of whether to accept her best friend’s offer – but first she must discover exactly what his offer involves. Is Matt offering a marriage of convenience – or the real thing?


Widow on The WorldIt’s All Over Now - Pamela Fudge

Available as a paperback and e-book 2021

Kevin Clark has had enough, and he wants a divorce. Amber doesn’t believe him. After all, they’ve been happily married for 10 years – haven’t they? So how come cracks that she’d never noticed before start to become apparent?


Widow on The WorldDearest Daughter - Pamela Fudge

Available as a paperback and e-book 2020

The woman who brought Jen up is not her biological mother. This comes as a shock to Jen, who had no idea until she read the letter among her recently deceased mother’s effects telling her the truth – with it is the brief note from her birthmother. From the moment Jen – who is now 45 - reads the letters she becomes obsessed with finding her birth mother, but first she must find the father who abandoned her.


Pam Fudge has had two other Romances published, by both Linford Large Print and Hale. In addition both Romances have been published by My Weekly story library.
Romantic Melody Romantic Melody Romantic Melody

ISBN 0 7090 4949 8
ISBN 0 7089 7920 3

- Dizzie Wallace was very satisfied with her life. She had her own flat, a career she enjoyed as a disc jockey, a boyfriend whom she was fond of, and a guardian angel in the shape of a family friend, Lyle Tarrant.

But fond, she eventually realized, was not enough. What her life actually lacked was love, something she had not experienced since her teenage crush on Lyle years before. So, as a joke, she decided to practise her female wiles on him.

Soon she realized that she was falling hopelessly in love with Lyle, and although he seemed to be attracted to her, he was set to marry the beautiful Anthea.

Reluctant For Romance Reluctant For Romance Reluctant For Romance

ISBN 0 7090 4682 0

(Title changed on publication)

ISBN 0 7089 7792 8

- After living and working in London for some years, Carly Ray rushes home to Dorset on hearing news of her mother's accident, thereby jeopardizing her job. Her mother seems, at first, to be seriously hurt and her three spoilt brothers expect her to take her mother's place in the home. After telling them a few home truths, she tackles the man responsible for the accident, Declan O'Halloran.

She soon discovers that all is not as it seems, and is obliged to accept the man's offer of a job. Against her will, she is attracted to him, but believing there is no chance of happiness together, she returns to her life in London.

Her mistake is believing that she can live without him - but it is too late to turn back the clock?

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