Having an amazing time lately!

I went to London to the RNA Winter Party on 15th November and met many of my fellow Transita authors. I also met Transita publishers Giles and Nikki for the first time and was able to thank them for the publication of WIDOW ON THE WORLD. It was a pleasure to meet Katy, who manages publicity for publisher Robert Hale Ltd. Two other Tranista authors have, like me, now had books accepted by Hale.

Thanks in part to Katy, Tuesday, 20th November (which was, by coincidence my late husband's birthday) saw the launch of HIGH INFIDELITY at Waterstones in Poole, the event was hosted beautifully by manager Dee Steed. I'm happy to say the party was a great success. It was attended by all of my favourite people and every copy of the book was sold on the night and copies of WIDOW ON THE WORLD were snapped up too.

As if things couldn't get any better, the very next day I received a letter from Robert Hale Ltd saying they would like to publish my next book, A BLESSING IN DISGUISE. Walking the dog later I had no real need of the boots I was wearing - despite the pouring rain - since I'm convinced my feet didn't touch the ground and they probably haven't yet. Life really doesn't get much better than this!