Well, I don't know where the time has gone, but I guess that's what living a busy life does for you!

Christmas and New Year tends to get in the way of any serious writing, but the latest book is now well under way, and A Blessing In Disguise is due to be published by Hale in June.

On 4th February 2008 I went to the RNA Romantic Novel of the Year Award Luncheon which was held this year at the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington. The speaker this year was Helen Lederer who was hysterically funny without appearing to find it an effort. The worthy winner of the award this year was Freya North.

Also in February I had been invited to give a workshop by the Three Legged Cross Writers. It was very well attended and the group couldn't have made me more welcome or shown more enthusiasm for the various tasks I set them throughout the day.

In March I attended the Great Flair Pow-Wow at the Hermitage Hotel in Bournemouth which celebrated 20 years of Cass and Janie Jackson's Flair For Words. www.flair4words.co.uk Flair membership is a must for anyone who has had enough of the doom and gloom spouted about publishing and needs to hear about a POSITIVE approach to writing.

April brought with it the regional spring lunch for members of the Society of Authors at the Ferndown Golf Club and later on this month I will be going along to the Romantic Novelists' Association regional lunch in Southampton.

Reading this, it might seem as if a writer's life is just a whirl of lunches and meetings, but nothing could be further from the truth, because a lot of time is spent, of necessity, alone, and social events are when we catch up on what is happening 'out there.' They tend to be very noisy affairs when we make the most of being let out to 'play,'

A picture of 'yours truly' appeared in the March issue of Writers' Forum with a group of authors who took part in the Bournemouth Literary Festival Romance Event in 2007 along with a Darcey lookalike.

The April issue of The Woman Writer had a very favourable review of High Infidelity, together with a close-up picture of me (which might have benefited from a bit - well, actually quite a bit! - of airbrushing) but at least I was smiling.