On 23rd July I was interviewed for Rob Richardson's radio programme, Write On, which airs on Tuesday evenings on Express FM at 7pm. Rob is based in Portsmouth, but if that's out of your area you can pick up his show via the internet very easily.

The show is a must for writers as a different subject is interviewed each week, from new to more established authors. For 60 minutes they will talk happily about their writing projects and latest publications, often giving away the secret of their success, and tried and tested writing methods.

Rob and his musical director, Simon, were great fun to work with and I felt totally at ease for the hour it took to record the programme. Rob appears to be so laid back as to be practically horizontal - he interviewed me wearing shorts, but then it was July - but he is very astute and has a real passion for all things to do with writing, which makes for a very interesting programme. Don't miss it!