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View Article  Bournemouth Literary Festival and Radio Interview - Express FM

First must tell you about an interview I did with Rob Richardson for his Express FM radio show - Write On. It will be broadcast on Tuesday, 27th October at 7pm. If you live in Portsmouth or the surrounding areas you will be able to pick the programme up on the radio. I live in Poole so I just Google it and listen through the computer.

Rob is a lovely guy, a musician and a writer, very interested in all things literary. It's the 3rd time I've been on his show and the great thing is that he actually reads my books - and he says he enjoys them, too, which is a huge bonus. The music this time is all my choice, so you can blame me if it's not to your taste!

The panel event I took part in for the Bournemouth Literary Festival discussing various ways of getting your writing published was a great success and the venue was packed. I had gone the traditional route with an established publisher taking my book(s) on, while Janine Pulford had started her own publishing house and David Hay reached a publishing agreement with Authorhouse to publish his book.

The whole thing was very ably chaired by Penny Legg and it was fascinating to hear how others had found success and various topics were up for discussion, such as cost to the author, editing and marketing and the audience kept us busy with lots of questions at the end of the session. I really enjoyed it.

View Article  Bournemouth Literary Festival 2009

Bournemouth Literary Festival kicks off next week with a great programme of events. Details of the one I am taking part in can be seen below. The venue is the Wessex Hotel, West Cliff Road, Bournemouth.

Thursday 15th October, 7pm - 9pm, £3 in advance, £4 at the event. Getting into Print - various ways of getting your writing published - panel discussion featuring published writers Janine Pulford, Pam Fudge and David Hay.  This discussion will be chaired by Penny Legg, of the Society of Women Writers & Journalists.

If you are a writer who has yet to be published, this could be right up your street.

For the full programme of events check out the Bournemouth Literary Festival website.


View Article  Another book accepted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever dastardly bug (not swine flu, I hasten to add!) has been doing the rounds has managed to knock the wind out of my sails for a few days.

However, the very welcome news that A Change For The Better has been accepted for publication in 2010 has given me a very welcome lift

The main character, Jo, appeared in Widow On The World. It's the first time I've done that - picking a character from another book I've written - but I thought she had an interesting story to tell, and I was right.

She's had a bit of a life, has Jo, always caring for (not always grateful) others but, suddenly she finds herself with time and no idea what to do with it. Can she make that change for the better?