After surgery on 9 July I allowed myself time to recuperate, which meant time off from work - and from writing (Novels anyway!). I finally went back to work at Bournemouth University today after a break of nine weeks as advised by the surgeon.

Throughout that time I was looked after royally by my lovely family and friends, was never short of company and, in fact, became quite spoiled. I definitely became a 'lady who lunches' with a vengeance. Would I choose to be a lady of leisure permanently, though? Well, no, actually. It was quite a novelty for a while, and a  real pleasure to have so much time to read, but I'm a 'do-er' and very glad to be back on my feet and in charge of my life again.

During my time off I had my office at home redecorated and that prompted me to have a good old-fashioned clear out. Given the amount I shredded I don't believe I can have ditched a single piece of paper since I started writing, more years ago now than I care to remember. I now have a very uncluttered work area and can actually find what I'm looking for - most of the time. This has inspired me to make a start on book number nine.

The book launch for A Change for The Better was very well attended (Pictures under the 'news' tab) and was such a success in terms of sales that A Change For The Better went straight to the top of the Poole Waterstones chart for sales of the week.

Meanwhile I was thrilled to receive news from my publisher, Robert Hale Ltd, that Second Best (Published 2009) has been taken up for publication in both Sweden and Norway and the Large Print version will be available some time this month.