The first draft of novel number nine, 'Turn Back Time' was completed last week. I am now busy polishing - the book, not the house, I hasten to add, because cooking and cleaning are not on my list of priorities and haven't been since my family grew up and left home!

Spent a brilliant weekend at Earnley at the Southern Writers' Conference from 10th June, which I attended with my author friend, Pam W. Fabulous food - 3 cooked meals a day - which you will understand is heaven for me, due to the above. Some great and inspiring speakers and extremely helpful discussion groups, particularly one by Ray Alan (who wrote Some Mothers' Do 'Ave 'Em) which was hilarious and another by Stella Whitelaw, who has just sold her 300th short story!! - and is the author of numerous books as well.  

I would recommend this yearly event to any writer, whether published or not. Everyone is friendly and helpful and we certainly came away full of enthusiasm and eager to get back to our writing.

The end of July sees publication of novel number eight, 'Never Be Lonely,' and a book launch at Waterstones, Poole on 30th July. If you live locally, do come along. It's always a friendly and fun event.