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View Article  A Good Start To The New Year

I love the feeling of stepping into a brand New Year! The old one ended well with two short pieces and a short story accepted and this one has started well with another novel well under way and a short story already submitted. Turn Back Time was accepted for publication at the end of summer 2011 and will be published in June 2012.

Good luck to all of you writers out there - both new and established. I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be a great year for us!!

View Article  Novel Number Nine

The first draft of novel number nine, 'Turn Back Time' was completed last week. I am now busy polishing - the book, not the house, I hasten to add, because cooking and cleaning are not on my list of priorities and haven't been since my family grew up and left home!

Spent a brilliant weekend at Earnley at the Southern Writers' Conference from 10th June, which I attended with my author friend, Pam W. Fabulous food - 3 cooked meals a day - which you will understand is heaven for me, due to the above. Some great and inspiring speakers and extremely helpful discussion groups, particularly one by Ray Alan (who wrote Some Mothers' Do 'Ave 'Em) which was hilarious and another by Stella Whitelaw, who has just sold her 300th short story!! - and is the author of numerous books as well.  

I would recommend this yearly event to any writer, whether published or not. Everyone is friendly and helpful and we certainly came away full of enthusiasm and eager to get back to our writing.

The end of July sees publication of novel number eight, 'Never Be Lonely,' and a book launch at Waterstones, Poole on 30th July. If you live locally, do come along. It's always a friendly and fun event.

View Article  Spring into action

Due to a lot of overtime the progress of book number nine ground to a halt for three whole months, during which time we had an addition to the family with the birth of a brand new granddaughter, Mia Nicola Pamela Fudge - who is obviously just gorgeous. She arrived in time to share Christmas with us and made it a bit extra special. Today I have just visited my beautiful new step-grandchild, Max Frankie Hoy, who arrived early weighing just 5 lbs. (So at least some in my family were producing something worthwhile!!)

But back to the writing, and the latest novel is now moving along nicely again and the characters are taking over and dictating how the story goes, just as they should.

During the period of being unable to find the time to write I was even more appreciative of my writing friends, and the societies and writing magazines I subscibe to. I know in these times of recession it is sometimes hard to justify the expense of subscriptions and memberships, but the cost can be set against the fact that you are being kept up to speed with what is going on in the world of publishing - not to mention being encouraged to keep writing no matter what. Especially when you see that authors are still getting published - despite what the doom and gloom merchants would have us believe.

Spring is here now, a time of new beginnings. So if your writing has been lying fallow for a while now is definitely the time to put on your author's hat again. Switch on that PC and see if the green shoots of new ideas don't start appearing.

View Article  Almost Christmas!

OMG, you just turn round and before you know it, Christmas is almost here again! I always say it, but I really don't know where the time goes. Well, I am back working at Bournemouth University as a Recruitment Administrator and that's where quite a lot of it goes.

Meanwhile, A Change For The Better has been accepted for publication in Norway and I'm very happy to say that book number eight, Never Be Lonely has recently been accepted for publication by Robert Hale Ltd, and book number nine is coming along nicely.

On 6th December I shall be presenting the Annual Winner of Winner's WriteOntheNight prize at Rosie's Wine Bar in Southsea, when all the winning writers from the past year read their stories. I'm really looking forward to that.

Happy writing to everyone and if you're looking for inspiration and a boost of positivity you really can't do better than to subscribe to Flair For Words (link on this site) who don't go in for the doom and gloom we have come to expect regarding anything to do with publishing. The members' 'spotlight' page is always crammed with successes. Just goes to show - if you believe you can, you CAN!

View Article  Back to normal

After surgery on 9 July I allowed myself time to recuperate, which meant time off from work - and from writing (Novels anyway!). I finally went back to work at Bournemouth University today after a break of nine weeks as advised by the surgeon.

Throughout that time I was looked after royally by my lovely family and friends, was never short of company and, in fact, became quite spoiled. I definitely became a 'lady who lunches' with a vengeance. Would I choose to be a lady of leisure permanently, though? Well, no, actually. It was quite a novelty for a while, and a  real pleasure to have so much time to read, but I'm a 'do-er' and very glad to be back on my feet and in charge of my life again.

During my time off I had my office at home redecorated and that prompted me to have a good old-fashioned clear out. Given the amount I shredded I don't believe I can have ditched a single piece of paper since I started writing, more years ago now than I care to remember. I now have a very uncluttered work area and can actually find what I'm looking for - most of the time. This has inspired me to make a start on book number nine.

The book launch for A Change for The Better was very well attended (Pictures under the 'news' tab) and was such a success in terms of sales that A Change For The Better went straight to the top of the Poole Waterstones chart for sales of the week.

Meanwhile I was thrilled to receive news from my publisher, Robert Hale Ltd, that Second Best (Published 2009) has been taken up for publication in both Sweden and Norway and the Large Print version will be available some time this month.

View Article  Publicity

I'm looking forward to the launch of A Change For The Better at Waterstones, Poole at 6pm on Friday, 2nd July 2010.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, 24th June 2010 I was interviewed for Forest FM, a local radio station based in Verwood, by the charming John Jenkins. John is himself a writer and journalist, so his knowledge and interest made it a very enjoyable half an hour.

On Friday, 25th June 2010 there was a feature in the Daily Echo courtesy of Ed Perkins, about yours truly and the publication of A Change For The Better. Titled Writing The Changes, it appeared in the What's on Books page.

View Article  Book Launch

Most important thing on the agenda this time around is the book launch for A Change For The Better, which is being published on 30th June 2010. I can hardly believe this will be my seventh novel. I can remember when my dream was to get one published!

Anyway, the launch is at Waterstones in Poole, Dorset at 6pm on Friday 2nd July 2010. My fabulous family and friends will be there - bless them all for their love and support - and everyone is welcome to come and raise a glass and, maybe, buy a copy of ACFTB (which has already been very favourably reviewed by thebookbag).

My new book Never Be Lonely was finally sent off to the publisher yesterday, so I hope it gets a favourable reception. I promised myself I wouldn't write another one yet - with surgery looming - but the plot for the next one is already beginning to take shape.

Following the superb RNA Awards lunch at the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington High Street in London in March, I also enjoyed the Society of Authors regional spring lunch at the Ferndown Golf Club and then the fabulous Flair For Words Pow-Wow at the Hermitage Hotel in Bournemouth. I was asked to speak at the Pow-Wow and, as I often do, I wrote a poem for the occasion which seemed to go down very well. Finally, there was a fantastic Society of Women Writers And Journalists regional lunch at a member's beautiful riverside house in Salisbury in May.

That might seem like an awful lot of lunches in quite a short period of time, but beside the delicious food, the contact with other writers is the main attraction. Writing is quite a lonely thing to do, so it's wonderful to join up with groups of other writers to exchange news, to congratulate or commiserate and best of all to celebrate. You can't beat it!

View Article  After a break

After a long break (I can't believe I haven't been on here since OCTOBER!) I would like to say I'm back with a bang but the truth is that this author is not 100% at the moment. Still working and still writing, but doing too much else has seen me flagging for a while. I know I'm my own worst enemy but I'm expecting that some long over-due surgery is going to sort me out. After all, you can't keep a good woman down!

I did attend the Romantic Novelists' Association Romantic Novel of the Year lunch at the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington yesterday. It was 50th anniversary of the RNA so we were welcomed with pink champagne and the level of noise as so many writers congregated and shared news had to be heard to be believed!

The meal was fantastic and Barry Norman of TV fame was brief but very funny and he stayed around to hand out the awards. There was an increase in the number of categories this year, which made the whole thing much more interesting, and how marvellous it was to see so many athors doing so well. You see, it's not all doom and gloom in the publishing world as some would have us believe!

I left with a goody bag containing a book and chocolate and a new resolve to see one of my novels up for an award before very much longer.

View Article  Bournemouth Literary Festival and Radio Interview - Express FM

First must tell you about an interview I did with Rob Richardson for his Express FM radio show - Write On. It will be broadcast on Tuesday, 27th October at 7pm. If you live in Portsmouth or the surrounding areas you will be able to pick the programme up on the radio. I live in Poole so I just Google it and listen through the computer.

Rob is a lovely guy, a musician and a writer, very interested in all things literary. It's the 3rd time I've been on his show and the great thing is that he actually reads my books - and he says he enjoys them, too, which is a huge bonus. The music this time is all my choice, so you can blame me if it's not to your taste!

The panel event I took part in for the Bournemouth Literary Festival discussing various ways of getting your writing published was a great success and the venue was packed. I had gone the traditional route with an established publisher taking my book(s) on, while Janine Pulford had started her own publishing house and David Hay reached a publishing agreement with Authorhouse to publish his book.

The whole thing was very ably chaired by Penny Legg and it was fascinating to hear how others had found success and various topics were up for discussion, such as cost to the author, editing and marketing and the audience kept us busy with lots of questions at the end of the session. I really enjoyed it.

View Article  Bournemouth Literary Festival 2009

Bournemouth Literary Festival kicks off next week with a great programme of events. Details of the one I am taking part in can be seen below. The venue is the Wessex Hotel, West Cliff Road, Bournemouth.

Thursday 15th October, 7pm - 9pm, £3 in advance, £4 at the event. Getting into Print - various ways of getting your writing published - panel discussion featuring published writers Janine Pulford, Pam Fudge and David Hay.  This discussion will be chaired by Penny Legg, of the Society of Women Writers & Journalists.

If you are a writer who has yet to be published, this could be right up your street.

For the full programme of events check out the Bournemouth Literary Festival website.


View Article  Another book accepted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever dastardly bug (not swine flu, I hasten to add!) has been doing the rounds has managed to knock the wind out of my sails for a few days.

However, the very welcome news that A Change For The Better has been accepted for publication in 2010 has given me a very welcome lift

The main character, Jo, appeared in Widow On The World. It's the first time I've done that - picking a character from another book I've written - but I thought she had an interesting story to tell, and I was right.

She's had a bit of a life, has Jo, always caring for (not always grateful) others but, suddenly she finds herself with time and no idea what to do with it. Can she make that change for the better?

View Article  Autumn Already?

Not at all sure where the weeks have gone again, but today it looks as if summer is well and truly over as it's wet, windy and already getting dark at 6pm.

My last blog was at the very beginning of July and at that time I was getting ready for publication of, and the launch for my 6th novel, Second Best. Both were on 31st July and on that very morning I was interviewed by the lovely Tara Dominick at Hope FM, the Bournemouth based radio station.

According to 'Flair For Words' who reported the launch that evening, 'Pam Fudge's latest novel - Second Best - was launched at the Poole branch of Waterstones on 31st July and about 60 people came to applaud her success. What's more she sold (and signed) more than 40 books. Waterstone's manageress told us that usually no more than half a dozen books are sold on these occasions. There's definitely nothing second best about our Pam.' (

The success of the evening was down to Dee Steed of Waterstones who ably managed the event with her usual good humour and patience and, of course, to my lovely family and friends who support me every inch of the way, not only buying my books - but passing on so many lovely comments when they do. Check out the photos on the 'News' link of the website.

Now it's back to autumn - the best time for writing I always think.

View Article  Radio interviews

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by Steven Long live on Forest FM which is local to Verwood and the surrounding areas. The interview went out live, which could have been pretty scary but Steven did a great job and my colleagues at Bournemouth University said I sounded very professional, so I'll take their word for it!

Today I was interviewed over the phone by Rob Richardson for his show, Write On, on Express FM which goes out on Tuesday nights at 7pm. (My interview will be aired on Tuesday,7th July). As the title suggests, the show is all about writing and features a different author each week. Rob's a really nice guy and he has all kinds of events related to writing going on in the Portsmouth area and a regular writing competition that anyone can enter via the internet. Check it out on the Express FM website.

View Article  Holidays, and more...

Since my last entry I've been on a visit to my sister, Barb, who lives in Canada - Victoria on Vancouver Island to be exact. My travel companion was my other sister, Pat, and we all had a great time together. Lots of shopping, sightseeing and enjoying some fabulous meals (not to mention lattes and cheesecake) no wonder we had to pay excess baggage on the way back!

I was barely home before I took off again with my friend, another Pam, for the Southern Writers' Conference at Earnley. Three fabulous cooked meals a day - and who could resist the scrumptious puddings? Not me, that's for sure, so more excess baggage.

Wonderful speakers! Dominic Minghella, who writes Doc Martin and Robin Hood among other things, Caroline Graham, Midsomer Murders, Alan Simpson and Ray Galton, Steptoe and Son, Michella Magorian, Goodnight Mister Tom (which is probably my favourite drama of all time).

The other speaker was an agent - who shall remain nameless because I was less than impressed with a talk that was doom and gloom regarding publishing from start to finish. As this person was talking to an audience which included some extremely well-published authors I treated it as a lot of hot-air and refused to feel discouraged. No one said it was easy to get published, but it's not impossible.

The workshops I attended were great fun and very instructive. I actually came home very buoyed up by the enthusiasm of my fellow members and ever since have been polishing away at the book I had completed just before I left for Canada.

Finally, I am looking forward to publication of Second Best on Friday 31st July 2009 and the book launch at Waterstones in Poole at 6pm on that very day. If it follows that pattern of the last two it will be great fun and all of my favourite people will be there - who knows perhaps you are one of them. I look forward to seeing you there!

View Article  It's All Been Enjoyment Lately

It really has all been enjoyment lately as each of the three talks I gave over recent weeks were great fun - thanks to a receptive audience each time. Writers and readers, alike, have lots of questions to ask, and that's always my favourite part of any talk I give.

In addition I also attended the Flair For Words Pow-Wow, which was a celebration of their 21st Birthday. Around 50 of us enjoyed a 3 course lunch at the Hermitage Hotel in Bournemouth on 24th April 2009. The speaker, Peter Lovesy, gave one of the funniest and most entertaining talks I've heard in a long time.

Congratulations to Cass and Janie Jackson who have successfully run Flair For Words all these years and produce a writers' magazine for their member that manages to entertain and inform while remaining thoroughly optimistic - and that's something we don't get enough of in the current economic climate!

Attending the Dunford Writers' Day at Della Galton's lovely country home was another recent pleasure. It was a busy day with the attendees divided into 3 groups, when chapters of  'work in progress' were shared and commented on. I came away encouraged by the comments I'd received and impressed by the the chapters read by the others in my group. I would be very surprised if the books - when completed - don't make it into print.

View Article  Author Talks in Dorset

Giving talks isn't something I do a lot of - and yet when I do I really enjoy it, so I'm looking forward to the following dates:

Wednesday 4th March 2009 at Poole Writers' Circle, Lagland Street in Poole commencing at 7.30pm.

Thursday 26th March 2009 at Upton Library commencing at 2pm.

Tuesday 21st April 2009 (date to be confirmed) at Lytchett Matravers Library commencing at 8pm.


View Article  Where did the time go?

What happened to Firework Night, Christmas and the New Year celebrations? All over in the blink of an eye and here we are almost in February. I never managed to get any writing done at all over the festive season, but I did give a talk for Calliope Writers' Group in Southampton and also had a great time at both the Society of Authors' regional Christmas lunch at Ferndown Golf Club and the Romantic Novelists' regional Christmas lunch at the Concorde Club. There's nothing better than mixing with other writers to get a injection of much needed enthusiasm.

I was delighted to receive a draft copy of the planned cover for Second Best (to be published by Hale July 2009). The setting for the picture is Poole Quay and the artist has done a great job. I can't wait to see the finished version.

The blurb for the book is as follows:

Stacey Trent has just about given up on love when a whirlwind romance with the charming Nick Cable persuades her otherwise. Believing they are to be married she turns her back on home, career and friends to be with him, only to discover the promise of a future together is nothing but a tissue of lies. Stacey finds herself left to the mercy of his older brother, Lex, who is less than sympathetic having had his fill of clearing up the trail of 'weeping females' Nick regularly leaves behind. Circumstances force them together and there can be no denying the attraction growing between them, but will Stacey ever be able to convince Lex he is more than second best?

I'm looking forward to seeing Second Best in print but, meanwhile I'm making good progress on the next one now that Christmas is well and truly over.

View Article  A New Book For 2009

I'm absolutely delighted - I would go as far as to say ecstatic! - to say Second Best (my 6th novel) has been accepted for publication by Robert Hale Ltd.

For someone who has spent her whole writing life believing every acceptance is a fluke and may well be the last, I am thrilled to bits each time I am proved wrong. I love writing fiction and I would do it even if I wasn't getting published, but seeing my work in print is amazing and hearing from readers who have enjoyed my books really is the icing on the cake.

Changing the subject completely, I was invited along to a 'most haunted' type of experience which was arranged by the Daily Echo to tie in with Halloween. My great friend - and psychic - Robert Broadhurst-Brown took me with him to Scaplen's Court in Poole with various reporters, staff and a cameraman. I'm not a sceptic at all, but had no idea what I was looking for, so to see various orbs and once a tall and vaguely intimidating shadow as we stood or sat in the dark was an experience I wouldn't have missed. To check out the write-up and a short video take a look on the Bournemouth Echo website for 'Fright for sore eyes.' A link to Robert's website can be found on my website under links.

View Article  Solent Radio

The Bournemouth Literary Festival has started with various events on all this week. There was a great feature - with photos of some of those taking part (including me!) - in the Daily Echo last Friday 26th September 2008.

Last week I took part in an interview with Lillian Avon and David Jones (co-directors of the Festival) for a pod cast (that's a first!) and this Thursday 2nd October Lillian and I are being interviewed on Radio Solent from 6.05 pm.

One extra bit of news is that I will have a small piece based around a spooky experience published in the next issue of Fate and Fortune.

View Article  Bournemouth Literary Festival 29th September - 5th October 2008

The Bournemouth Literary Festival this year is running from 29th September through to 5th October 2008 with an international flavour. 'International Culture - A World of Words.' Check the programme of events on the website.

Yours truly is on the programme and can be seen in action at 6.30pm on Wednesday 1st October for a reading and book signing session at ECT International College, 24 West Hill Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5PG.

Meanwhile, I'm about to complete the second draft of my new book, Second Best. However, I took a break from the writing in order to attend the Society of Authors' regional lunch at the Ferndown Golf Club on 11th September. Great, as always, to be able to talk books/writing throughout the course (or courses!) of the lunch knowing a love of reading and writing is what we all had in common. I came away not only well-fed, but full of renewed enthusiasm.

Writing can be pretty lonely, so I can't recommend joining a group, course or writing association too highly. A great way to re-charge those writer's batteries.

View Article  Express FM with Rob Richardson

On 23rd July I was interviewed for Rob Richardson's radio programme, Write On, which airs on Tuesday evenings on Express FM at 7pm. Rob is based in Portsmouth, but if that's out of your area you can pick up his show via the internet very easily.

The show is a must for writers as a different subject is interviewed each week, from new to more established authors. For 60 minutes they will talk happily about their writing projects and latest publications, often giving away the secret of their success, and tried and tested writing methods.

Rob and his musical director, Simon, were great fun to work with and I felt totally at ease for the hour it took to record the programme. Rob appears to be so laid back as to be practically horizontal - he interviewed me wearing shorts, but then it was July - but he is very astute and has a real passion for all things to do with writing, which makes for a very interesting programme. Don't miss it!

View Article  A Blessing In Disguise Book Launch - 30th June 2008

The book launch at Waterstones in Poole for A Blessing In Disguise was very well attended with around 70 people passing through the doors and purchasing copies. (Pics can be seen on the news tab).

I've already had feedback from some very swift readers and I'm  happy to say that it has all been favourable so far.

The Bournemouth Echo ran a feature about publication of A Blessing In Disguise in issue dated 5th July 2008 of the magazine supplement. The heading was 'The Dream Has Come True,' and for me it really has. All any author really wants is to see his/her books in print and being read and I sometimes have to pinch myself that this really is happening for me.

I'm being interviewed by Rob Richardson of Express FM next week and I believe this will air the following Tuesday evening at 8pm, so listen out - especially if you live in the Portsmouth area. I'm really looking forward to meeting Rob who is both a writer and a musician.

View Article  'A Blessing In Disguise' - Book Launch

The latest book, 'A Blessing In Disguise' will be published by Robert Hale Ltd on 30th June 2008 and Waterstones in Poole are hosting a book launch on that same evening, commencing at 6pm.

The launch for 'High Infidelity' held last November was a great success and all copies of the book sold out on the night, so I'm hoping the new book will prove to be as popular.

Last weekend I went with another writing friend - also called Pam! - to The Southern Writers' Conference at Earnley. I enjoyed every minute - including the three cooked meals a day - and met a good mix of well-published and relatively new authors. I came away revitalised and ready to get back to the book I am currently working on, which is three quarters written. It really should have been completed by now, but I'm afraid procrastination is my middle name!!


View Article  Catching up

Well, I don't know where the time has gone, but I guess that's what living a busy life does for you!

Christmas and New Year tends to get in the way of any serious writing, but the latest book is now well under way, and A Blessing In Disguise is due to be published by Hale in June.

On 4th February 2008 I went to the RNA Romantic Novel of the Year Award Luncheon which was held this year at the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington. The speaker this year was Helen Lederer who was hysterically funny without appearing to find it an effort. The worthy winner of the award this year was Freya North.

Also in February I had been invited to give a workshop by the Three Legged Cross Writers. It was very well attended and the group couldn't have made me more welcome or shown more enthusiasm for the various tasks I set them throughout the day.

In March I attended the Great Flair Pow-Wow at the Hermitage Hotel in Bournemouth which celebrated 20 years of Cass and Janie Jackson's Flair For Words. Flair membership is a must for anyone who has had enough of the doom and gloom spouted about publishing and needs to hear about a POSITIVE approach to writing.

April brought with it the regional spring lunch for members of the Society of Authors at the Ferndown Golf Club and later on this month I will be going along to the Romantic Novelists' Association regional lunch in Southampton.

Reading this, it might seem as if a writer's life is just a whirl of lunches and meetings, but nothing could be further from the truth, because a lot of time is spent, of necessity, alone, and social events are when we catch up on what is happening 'out there.' They tend to be very noisy affairs when we make the most of being let out to 'play,'

A picture of 'yours truly' appeared in the March issue of Writers' Forum with a group of authors who took part in the Bournemouth Literary Festival Romance Event in 2007 along with a Darcey lookalike.

The April issue of The Woman Writer had a very favourable review of High Infidelity, together with a close-up picture of me (which might have benefited from a bit - well, actually quite a bit! - of airbrushing) but at least I was smiling.

View Article  Wishing you a Merry Christmas and successful New Year

Suddenly Christmas has not so much crept up, as leapt out and surprised me totally. Mind you, it does that every year! I really should have been warned by the amount of lunches and parties I found myself attending.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Society of Authors regional Christmas lunch at Ferndown Golf Club on 6th December and also the Romantic Novelists' Association regional Christmas lunch on 13th December at the Concorde Club, Eastleigh. It's always great to meet up with other authors and find out what they've been getting up to. It's also heartening to find so many authors are still getting books published on a regular basis, despite all we hear about the difficulties of getting into print.

I was gratified to find myself looking out from the pages of the Bournemouth Echo on two separate occasions recently. The first was a piece about the publication of High Infidelity in 'What's On Books,' on 16th November and the second was on 8th December when there was a whole page dedicated to 'Dorset Writers' Top Festive Reading,' and it was wonderful to be included in that. Under the heading, 'Pam Strikes Again,' I was also mentioned in Members' News in the January issue of Writers' News.

The blurb for the new book A Blessing in Disguise, due out in 2008, has been sent to publisher Hale for approval and, despite Christmas threatening to overtake me, I am already several chapters into the next novel.

I wish you all, and for myself, too, a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

View Article  So Much News

Having an amazing time lately!

I went to London to the RNA Winter Party on 15th November and met many of my fellow Transita authors. I also met Transita publishers Giles and Nikki for the first time and was able to thank them for the publication of WIDOW ON THE WORLD. It was a pleasure to meet Katy, who manages publicity for publisher Robert Hale Ltd. Two other Tranista authors have, like me, now had books accepted by Hale.

Thanks in part to Katy, Tuesday, 20th November (which was, by coincidence my late husband's birthday) saw the launch of HIGH INFIDELITY at Waterstones in Poole, the event was hosted beautifully by manager Dee Steed. I'm happy to say the party was a great success. It was attended by all of my favourite people and every copy of the book was sold on the night and copies of WIDOW ON THE WORLD were snapped up too.

As if things couldn't get any better, the very next day I received a letter from Robert Hale Ltd saying they would like to publish my next book, A BLESSING IN DISGUISE. Walking the dog later I had no real need of the boots I was wearing - despite the pouring rain - since I'm convinced my feet didn't touch the ground and they probably haven't yet. Life really doesn't get much better than this!

View Article  High Infidelity

My latest novel, High Infidelity, was published in hardback on 31st October by Robert Hale Ltd and seems to be selling well. (A colleague checked on Amazon recently and there was one copy left with more on order!) I love the cover which depicts a gingerbread family with the 'Daddy' missing and that just fits the story-line beautifully.

Another colleague baked a gingerbread man and put him on my desk the day the book was published, saying he was the 'missing Daddy.' I thought that was a lovely thing to do, and though he looks delicious I just can't bring myself to eat him!

Although a book launch is planned in the near future, this is likely to be invitation only given the number of family and friends who have an interest and, of course, it's only right that the people who have supported me should be there to help me celebrate!

View Article  Writer's Personal Development Course

If you live in the Poole/Bournemouth, or surrounding area, pop along to Bournemouth University's Thomas Hardy Suite, room PG 144, on Wednesday October 3rd 2007 at 7.30pm, when Cass and Janie Jackson's Writer's Personal Development Course meets for the 2nd time. Thereafter meetings are each alternate week until December 12th 2007.

Unfortunately, you've missed the free introductory meeting which took place September 19th 2007, but I was there and can thoroughly recommend the very positive slant Cass and Janie bring to the course. There's quite enough doom and gloom spread in the publishing world but, let's face it, authors are still getting published. It's often just a case of believing in yourself, learning your craft and putting the work in.

If you would like to know more or to book your place contact Cass and Janie Jackson on 01202 291650 email: or visit the website:

View Article  Latest News

The publication date of my new novel, High Infidelity, has been brought forward to October of this year, which is great news. It normally takes at least a year for a book to reach the shops, so the publisher, Hale, have certainly pulled the stops out to get it on the shelves only six months after acceptance!

If you live in in Selsey, West Sussex or the sourrounding areas why not come along to the Meet The Authors event on Tuesday, 21st August 2007 between 2.00pm - 4.00pm at St Peters Hall (Admission Free). The event is part of the Selsey Festival. I will be there along with a whole host of far more famous names, all of whom will be happy to chat, and there will also be the opportunity to buy books signed by the authors.

View Article  Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to My Blog where I will be publishing my own news, views and events, some or all of which may be of interest to fellow writers or readers.

Check out the July/August edition of Writers' Forum where yours truly is the first subject in the series, 'Where I Write,' by Phil Barrington.

If you missed the Bournemouth Literary Festival Romance event which was held at Bournemouth University on 30th June 2007, I'd just like to say it was a cracking evening and was well attended, despite the stormy weather. I was co-organiser of the event with Lillian Avon, who is the Bournemouth Literary Festival Director, and with authors Catherine King, Nicky Slade, Sue Moorcroft and Susie Vereker was there to answer questions and sign books. Throughout the course of the evening actor, Jason Warren, as a very convincing Mr D'arcy handed out chocolates and strawberries and even a flower to one lucky lady. Check out other Bournemouth Literary Festival Events through the link on my website.